Affinity Bay LTD


We are delighted to introduce you to Affinity Bay, a place where time is meaningless, relaxation is guaranteed and luxury is demanded. This new brand of premium bath and body products brings English luxury to the beauty market like never before, with all aspects of the products created on home soil, from the sumptuous fragrance to the luxurious formulations.

At the very heart of the products are the sumptuous fragrances which have been designed exclusively for Affinity Bay, having worked closely with a leading international perfumery in the UK we are proud to present a collection of indulgent scents inspired by classic ingredients including Rose, Verbena and Lavender which capture the very best of British perfumery.

Encased in the stunning formulations, these scents inspire, relax and romance the senses while your skin is gently refined and pampered using only the best ingredients, essential oils and natural extracts.

Products are available in both everyday luxury essentials and a beautiful range of gifts which enables consumers the opportunity to present their loved ones with tokens of gratitude, love and celebration in the form of stunning keepsake boxes, pretty travel collections and mini treatments.

Surrender yourself and begin your journey of discovery to Affinity Bay....